Le master EMMI proposé conjointement par l’université Paris-Sud et par l’INSTN est actuellement en cours de restructuration.

Un master unique dédié à l’imagerie médicale et moléculaire ouvrira à partir de 2015.
Pour les rentrées 2013 et 2014, nous vous invitons à consulter le site du master d’Imagerie médicale proposé par UPSUD.

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  The courses are offered in English
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Molecular imaging combines advanced engineering in molecular, this technique is non-invasive and does not have any known side effects.. This new area of science will continue to contribute significantly to the advancement of biomedicines as it enables the visualisation of cellular function as well as monitoring of different molecular processes in living organisms without perturbing them.

The European Master in Molecular Imaging (EMMI) is an international program entirely dedicated to in vivo molecular imaging. Previousemey supported by the European Commission under the SOCRATES programme, this two-year interdisciplinary curriculum is brought together by prominent European molecular imaging research groups. Courses are held in English at a group of European partner Institutions: the INSTN (France), the Universities of Paris Sud 11 (France), Antwerp (Belgium), Crete (Greece) and Turin (Italy).

The booming field of Molecular Imaging (MI) has led to a new evolution in research which has broadcasted its innovations to numerous other health-related disciplines and dramatically improved the accuracy of early diagnosis. Current research spans from equipment engineering to patient monitoring and it involves coordinated inputs from many scientific areas including chemistry, physics, cell biology and medicine. Unmet research and medical needs, and the potential of MI to answer those, offer a huge and compelling opportunity to create value by improving safety and effectiveness of existing therapeutic and diagnostic approaches.

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